Information Systems Assessment Services


Information Systems Assessment Services
Maintaining The Efficiency of Your Information Systems

Your Information Systems need to be current, future enabled, and running at peak performance.

Waller Productions provides Digital Communications and Information (DCI) Systems Assessment so your company can provide the best information to your Clients, Management and Staff at least cost.

Hardware Assessment
Workstations, Servers, Bridges, Switches, Routers, Wi-Fi, RFID, GPS, and Peripherals

Digital Systems Assessment

As with any other major business investment, it is critical that your Digital Communications and Information Systems provide your company with the best Return On Investment (ROI) possible.

Hardware and Peripherals that don't operate at their highest efficiency is like throwing money away on un-realized Staff efficiency. Instead of having personnel standing around the proverbial water-cooler today's inefficient systems have your Staff standing around a computer monitor, copier, or printer waiting for the bottle-neck in your system to clear so they can get on with their project or task.

Our systems experts can pinpoint those system bottlenecks through our exhaustive hardware assessment, recommend corrective actions and implement the necessary upgrades. Your ROI for the cost for the assessment will usually be realized within a few months in Staff productivity.


Software Assessment

Software Assessment
Industry Application Standards

Our Software Assessment will determine if you are using the most efficient, user-friendly, industry-standard applications for your unique business.

We will compare the ease-of-use, goal achievement, and industry standards to the cost of purchase, updating, and maintenance of existing programs with other options such as Clouds and on-line applications.


Security Assessment
How Safe is Your Data

Our Security Assessment will determine if you are using the most efficient and effective security policies for your organization

Network Security image

We will Look at important security measures which include:

  • Server Security
  • Network / Wireless Security
  • Workstation Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Physical Server Access
  • HDD De-Commission Policy
  • Copier De-Commission Policy
  • Off-site Data Back-up